FAQ - Technical issues

I can't see the card editing interface

I made the mistake of writing the card UI with a UI framework based on not-yet widespread technology instead of one that is known to be supported by all browsers due to my own anxieties about the technical book-keeping I had to do manually with i.e. React-js. I aim to make sure backwards compatibility tools are used at some point but that involves more tinkering. In the meantime, if you're able to upgrade to a browser that supports wasm I suggest you do, otherwise ask a friend to generate the proxy sheets for you.

I don't see a generated PDF

Pop-ups might be disabled, enabling them for this site may help. If not, ask a friend to generate the PDF for you.

My browser crashes when generating a PDF

Your browser might be running out of memory, consider splitting up your card list into smaller card lists and generating those one at a time. Otherwise, ask a friend to generate the PDF for you.